NoBox’s TJ Bot Level 1 Intro Camp

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June 21-23 | Christian Brothers University
July 19-21 | Christian Brothers University

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Location: CBU – Nolan Engineering Building
Time: 9:00AM – 3:00PM
Lunch is Provided!



Workshop Costs:

Basic: $200 – use our hardware (limited seats available)
Prime: $400 – Take your own TJ Bot home with you!



This camp is designed for beginners.


Target: Middle and High school, but ANYONE is welcome to attend!  The parents had fun working with their kids at our BUC E-day lab!


Students who participate in this camp will gain real world problem solving skills.  At the beginning of the camp we will define a problem that we will solve by the end of the camp.  Students will define the problem, design a solution for the problem, implement their solution, and present their solution.  We will be using NoBox’s version of TJ Bot which runs on a Raspberry Pi along with some Python and NodeJs.  Students will be able to implement text-to-speech, speech-to-text, conversation analysis and structure, tone analysis, and more!


Download our flyer: NoBox Camp Flyer


Schedule of Events:

Day 1:
  • Introduction to logical thinking
  • Introduction to Scratch/Block level coding
  • Problem Definition (Problem we will solve by the end of the camp)
  • Collaborate Teams
  • Construct TJBot
  • Introduction to the Raspberry Pi hardware
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Programming Hello World, make light blink, make him sing
  • Introduction to GitHub and pulling recipes from the web
Day 2:
  • Introduction to Node-RED on the Pi
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Introduction to Bluemix and Watson
  • Review of Linux
  • Introduction to basic Networking
  • Introduction to API and connecting Pi to Bluemix
  • Introduction to Python
  • Problem Design
  • Collaborate Teams
Day 3:
  • Review Problem Definition
  • Review Problem Design
  • Collaborate Teams
  • Continue Implementation of Problem
  • Problem Solution Presentations